Aerial 1

Aerial 1
This is Aerial, a single page, single screen responsive site template....quite simple. Works well as a landing page that just directs folks to your site. This template is one of the best looking landing pages out there. You are able to use an image of your choice, providing it meets specific parameters. The diagonal lines separating the color shades add a great effect to the overall page.

model #: 110842-Aerial 1

Keep in mind that not all items in these templates can be modified. The free estimate will lay everything out for you. But don't fret, we will do our very best.

The background image can be changed. The movement cannot. The text can be changed. The circle links can be kept or removed, and/or changed. There is no other page involved with this template. It is a good entry page to another site, or the main part of the same site.

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Template Aerial 1
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