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we are a small company that understands the needs of small companies


BestFriendz Enterprises started its online presence in 1998. Over the years, we developed a concept of inexpensive web site design and development. As a small business ourselves, we cater our concept to other small businesses in an effort to foster desirable business growth.

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There's a whole new world out there in Cyberspace. These days we can access it in many different ways. There are phones, tablets, phablets, laptops, desktop computers, and variations thereof. To view a web site on all of these devices, the site must be developed in such a way for it to display itself properly on all sizes. One of the methods use to handle this is to develop the site by the "responsive method". This is the way we develop web sites.

E Z Paks

E Z Paks for E Z learning

'Learn  First'

Our EZ-Paks are simple, single page explanations

Learn about web sites, computers, and more.

Scroll down, and click the EZ-Pak title.
A computer can only do what it is told to do.
What is a computer, you ask? It’s just a box full of copper, sand, metal, foil, etc., etc.
Email is a name of specific type of data. Data is what computers read.
The term email means Electronic Mail. In fact the E in electronic is used a lot in the cyberspace world. But that’s another story for another time.
CYBERSPACE…I’m sure you’ve heard this term before….right?....sure you have….really, you have.
Computer...server...computer...serv r….what’s the difference?...and why all the different names? It’s just soooo confusing.
Let me welcome you to BestFriendz Enterprises.
FREE…...a great word. We all would like to get everything free, wouldn’t we?
A server by itself is useless. It requires a “team” of items to allow it to do its job. These items are many, so we will explain just the overall basics.
CyberSpace (internet) consists of many different entities.
Templates have gotten a bad name over the years. Advertising has inferred that templates are a bad thing….not so.
It is, basically put, programmed by a web site designer/developer.
Well, to be frank, in one respect….yes....in another...no.
THE GOAL: To get your web site as close to the top of the organic search results as possible.
Okay….overall, most WEB Sites can simply be thought of as being an interactive story.
Templates have been around for eons…..whatever an eon is. There are many different types of templates, used extensively in day to day business…...by all kinds of businesses.
Boy, you talk funny…….WYSIWYG?.......what in the world is that?
Remember when we talked about how computers are dumb; and can’t do anything without being told what to do?......I knew you would remember.
Here’s another term that’s confusing. It’s an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.


Take the next step....it's free. Fill in the form located here to get the ball rolling. When we receive your information, we will work up a FREE estimate for you. As we do most of our communications through email, we request that you be sure your spam software will allow emails from bestfriendz.com. Our average time to work up an estimate is about 2 days.


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All templates have content "fill". These are just silly things put in to give you an idea of what the layout would look like. It's in these areas you would add your content for your web site.

We are always adding templates to our library. If you don't see anything you like, send us some info on the type you are looking for, and if possible, please include an address of a site that you like. We will then try to find a template as close to that as we can.


Need some help?...ask away.

Got a question?...comment?...go for it. We will get back with you as soon as we can.

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